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PKMN Collectors Trade Post! (in progress)
pokedoll, heracross, pokemon

I will only trade with PKMN Collectors members with at least 10 feedback
I am willing to trade for art - please show examples!
Shipping is from New York, US

My feedback is located here
My wants list is located here


Prefer to trade for coins I don't have in good condition
 list to come


(Heracross is not for trade)

Staraptor UFO Plush (TTO, has head string, great condition)
Female Combee UFO Plush (TTO, has head string, great condition)

Pokemon Collection Wants List
pokedoll, heracross, pokemon
updated 1/16/2016

Note: I like flats with unique poses (i.e. not the Sugimori original poses). I don't mind gently used condition but prefer plush with tags

Main Collections

Heracross Items (Regular Heracross, not Mega)

  • Pokemon Time items (notebook, clearfile)

  • Figures (attack kid, clipping figure, zukan)

  • Flats (happy to look at any)

  • TCG (need to update with the ones I have now!)

Mawile Items

  • Pokemon Time items (figure, plush, clearfile)

  • Figures (kid figures, zukan)

  • TCG cards (Any TCG except the one I have here )

TCG Coins

  • Xatu

  • Eevee

  • Ho-Oh

  • Lugia

  • Treecko coin (Green)

  • Flygon coin (Green)

  • Mega Absol

  • Hoopa

  • Mega Gengar (silver and purple)

  • Mega Blaziken

Special TCG coins:

  • any anniversary coin

  • Pokemon Professor cup coin

Pokemon Plushie and Merch collection, February through May gets!
pokedoll, heracross, pokemon
Now that I have a bit of disposable income, I've started to collect Pokemon plushies. I'm trying to limit myself to one Pokemerch item per month, so I don't go overboard. Click below the cut to see my collection!

Read more...Collapse )

Currently, I'm looking for a Whimsicott Pokedoll, and a Heracross Banpresto plush. They've been kind of hard to find, but I'm going to keep looking. In the meantime, I'm hoping to add some small wants to my collection, like the Rotom-Cut Pokedoll.

pokedoll, heracross, pokemon
I don't really know how this works. I joined LJ so I could finally start posting on Neopian Adults and weepingcock, hahaha.