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Pokemon Collection Wants List
pokedoll, heracross, pokemon
updated 1/16/2016

Note: I like flats with unique poses (i.e. not the Sugimori original poses). I don't mind gently used condition but prefer plush with tags

Main Collections

Heracross Items (Regular Heracross, not Mega)

  • Pokemon Time items (notebook, clearfile)

  • Figures (attack kid, clipping figure, zukan)

  • Flats (happy to look at any)

  • TCG (need to update with the ones I have now!)

Mawile Items

  • Pokemon Time items (figure, plush, clearfile)

  • Figures (kid figures, zukan)

  • TCG cards (Any TCG except the one I have here )

TCG Coins

  • Xatu

  • Eevee

  • Ho-Oh

  • Lugia

  • Treecko coin (Green)

  • Flygon coin (Green)

  • Mega Absol

  • Hoopa

  • Mega Gengar (silver and purple)

  • Mega Blaziken

Special TCG coins:

  • any anniversary coin

  • Pokemon Professor cup coin

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I have 2 Chespin coins (actually I'll have to check tomorrow if I didn't trade one) I could sell one or trade you for a Tyranitar or Audino one.

Not sure if coins can be shipped in a normal envelope though. I'm awful with shipping prices that's why I focused mostly on selling flats.

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