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Pokemon Plushie and Merch collection, February through May gets!
pokedoll, heracross, pokemon
Now that I have a bit of disposable income, I've started to collect Pokemon plushies. I'm trying to limit myself to one Pokemerch item per month, so I don't go overboard. Click below the cut to see my collection!

The first plush I got was the Pokemon Center Litwick. I got him during a trip to the NYC Nintendo World a few years ago. Unfortunately, I removed his tag, but I still think he's great!

My second plush was is a probably fake Banpresto Dragonite - picked him up at NY Comic Con two years ago.

My third plush was a Deino keychain plush. It was a gift from my boyfriend, and I think it's super cute!

2014-03-17 17.54.54

Goomy was my fourth plush, and my first foray into buying online. I bought him from a seller in Japan through Ebay, and he's absolutely perfect.


Rotom-Wash, my February, is one of my favorite Pokemon to use in the Battle Maison currently and I wanted his adorable plushie form to adorn my bookcase. Look at his cute face! He just wants to wash things.

2014-03-29 13.53.41

For March, I got this adorable Pokemon Time case for my 3DS. It has so many of my favorite Pokemon on it!


April's item arrived on Saturday 4/19 - a Togekiss Banpresto! (2010) The red horn is a little derpy, so I was worried that it was a bootleg, but I've confirmed that it's legit :)

Togekiss Banpresto

One item a month isn't enough, so I was super happy when these guys arrived at the end of April!
2014-04-24 17.50.42

2014-04-27 23.49.53

I've got a whole bunch of exciting new plush arriving in May, so stay tuned!

Currently, I'm looking for a Whimsicott Pokedoll, and a Heracross Banpresto plush. They've been kind of hard to find, but I'm going to keep looking. In the meantime, I'm hoping to add some small wants to my collection, like the Rotom-Cut Pokedoll.